How Furnaces Work

November 29, 2020

Gas furnaces is the main heating system for your home. It uses natural gas to heat up the air. The temperature settings are regulated through your home thermostat. If the internal temperature of your house dips the furnace will fire up to warm the air.

The gas valves in your furnace act as a regulator. It will regulate the amount of natural gas in the system.  ​

Heating Stage(s)

Single Stage heating

A single stage gas value only has an on and off switch, just like the way a regular light switch works. It's either active or inactive.

Two Stage Heating

A two stage heating process has a high and a a low level similar to a specialized reading lamp. It can be used in a lower setting or at full capacity.

Mutli-Stage/Modular Heating

With a modular heating system, it enable to you to make subtle adjustments like if you were to use a dimmer switch.

Blower Motor

The blower motor grabs the air and blows it to the heat exchanger. It then sends warm air through the air ducts and out to your vents in individual rooms.

Central heating system

The furnace acts as the hub to your central heating system. It must be maintained regularly to ensure that it runs at its prime. In the warm months, you can pair your furnace with a central air conditioning unit, this will turn your system into a central heating and cooling system.

Boiler and Furnace Repair, Replacement & Installation
Nothing is worse than having your boiler or your furnace breaking down on you. In the winter months, it can cause your pipes to freeze and break. Green Heating & Air provides you with fast, 24/7 emergency boiler and furnace repairs within the Toronto area.
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