Hot Water Tanks

Not getting enough hot water? Are your bills just going up? Perhaps you want to stop paying rent on your hot water tank and just own it.  Green Heating and Air are available to answer your questions.  We' provide 24/7  emergency hot water tank repairs, replacements and installations.


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Hot Water Tank Repairs

A tank hot water system may be considered an older technology, but it's been proven to work. The advantage with a traditional hot water tank is the upfront cost. It's significantly cheaper to purchase and install. As well, if you're looking to have hot water instantly, the tank water heater will give it to you. Since your tank has been heating in the storage tank.

Unfortunately hot water tanks only have a life span  of 5 to 10 years. If not maintained regularly you can run into erosion and cracking which can lead to floods and loss of efficiency. If you're running into any issues with your hot water tank, give us a call. We 're avaliable for hot water tank repairs in the Greater Toronto Area.

Hot Water Tank
Installations & Replacements

Green Heating & Air provides competitve rates for fixing tank water heaters. If the water heater tank is unrepairable, we can recommend and install a tankless water heater for your home. Our certified Technicians can provide you with a free estimate for the cost of installing a new tankless water heater.

We've installed and replaced old water heaters for single family homes, condominum and apartment units. We provide the highest quality of service from the time we contact you, to installation and maintenance. Green Heating and Air follows industry best practices and we're up to date on the newest technologies, latest models and makes.

Hot Showers with Hot Water Tank Installation and Replacement
Boiler and Furnace Repair, Replacement & Installation
Nothing is worse than having your boiler or your furnace breaking down on you. In the winter months, it can cause your pipes to freeze and break. Green Heating & Air provides you with fast, 24/7 emergency boiler and furnace repairs within the Toronto area.
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