Heating and Cooling Efficiency of Geothermal Heat Pumps

August 5, 2022
Have you been looking for an energy-efficient solution to your cooling and heating needs? Take advantage of the innovative technology that is guaranteed to provide you with renewable and sustainable energy without the use of fossil fuels.

What is a Geothermal Unit & Heat Pump?


As with any heat pump, geothermal and water based source heat pumps can heat, cool, and, if so equipped, supply your house or commercial building with hot water. This highly efficient technology concentrates naturally existing heat, rather than by producing heat through the combustion of fossil fuels.


Geothermal Heat Pumps use the constant temperature of the earth as the exchange medium instead of the outside air temperature. This makes a Geothermal Heat Pump a great, long term investment for your property.


A Properly sized and installed Geothermal Heat Pump can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. As well as allowing you to maximize and control all your temperature needs, as well as reduce heating costs by as much as 50% and the best part? You have the freedom of designing and customizing your own Geothermal Unit to best suit your heating and cooling needs.


Parts of a Geothermal System

  1. Liquid Heat Exchange – A loop or of pipes buried under the surface of the ground that contains water or a liquid antifreeze solution, usually a mixture of both


  1. Heat Pump – For heating, a geothermal heat pump removes the heat from the fluid in the earth connection, concentrates it, and then transfers it to the building. For cooling, the process is reversed. The geothermal pump can connect to any geothermal loop configuration to heat or cool your home or building.


  1. Air Delivery System – Conventional duct work that delivers the air throughout the home generated from the heat pump. This allows the blower fan to send the conditioned air into conventional air ducts that when fitted with a thermostat will allow for zone control with ease.  




●      Renewable and sustainable

●      25% - 50% less electricity use

●      Design flexibility for home and commercial needs

●      Provide great “zone” conditioning, allowing different areas to be cooled or heated to different temperatures

●      Highly cost effective due to longevity


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