November 29, 2020

Force Air Heating and Cooling Systems

Furnaces are used as heating equipment to heat your home or business. The furnace typically uses natural gas as its fuel source. Heat energy is pushed throughout the home through ducts and vents, also known as forced air.

Forced air systems (also known as central air systems) are very popular in newer build homes. It allows you to warm your home comfortably from the basement to the second story.

During warm months, your air conditioner works at cooling your home. If an AC unit isn't sized properly for your home, you could experience too much humidity. It's important to pair the right size air conditioning unit for your home.

Trane XR Air Conditioning Installation

The average lifespan of a furnace is between 10 - 20 years, provided its maintained properly. However as a furnace ages, it will loss its efficiency. Furnaces coming close to the end of their lifespan can loose up to 45% efficiency and costs you more to operate.

If you're starting to see a huge spike in your heating bills it may be time to retire your old furnace.

To install a furnace for your home, you should look for a certified heating contractor who also has their gas fitters license. In Ontario, Fuel Industry Certificates are issued by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Boiler and Furnace Repair, Replacement & Installation
Nothing is worse than having your boiler or your furnace breaking down on you. In the winter months, it can cause your pipes to freeze and break. Green Heating & Air provides you with fast, 24/7 emergency boiler and furnace repairs within the Toronto area.
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