Benefits of Boilers

February 21, 2019

Why are Boilers the Most Efficient Source for Heating?

Outside of the health benefits of a boiler, hydronic heating systems are extremely energy efficient. Radiant heating transfers heat more efficiently in a room. Radiators direct heat downwards to the areas that need the most warmth. This way, heat isn’t being lost up into the ceilings and the roofs.

Radiant Heat is More Energy Efficient

Radiant heating is more effective at keeping the heat localized and it minimizes any cold spots you may feel otherwise. With a high efficiency, radiant heating system, you’ll be able to keep your thermostat cooler than with another heat source. A combi boiler also known as a condensing boiler can achieve up to 98% thermal efficiency.

New Smart Technology

Boiler technology has made huge advancements since the days of conventional boilers. Today, modulating boilers or variable speed-pumps uses sensors that control the water flow. For instance, if the external temperature drops outside, the boiler will increase the water flow, conversely decrease the flow if the temperature rises outside. This gives you more consistent heating in each room and higher energy efficiency.

Space Saving Solution

Since real estate is at a premium, everyone wants to maximize their usable, living space. With a traditional furnace, you need to map out an area that is dedicated to the furnace room. With a boiler system, you get the benefit of space savings. The wall mounted combi boiler system takes up next to no room. The design takes up less space because the heating and on demand water unit are combined. You won’t need to allocate space for a large water tank and a monstrous furnace.

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