Don’t just trust your pool heater to anyone. That’s why Green Heating and Air chooses Hayward Pool gas heaters. Hayward has been manufacturing pool equipment for over 80 years. They are known for their reliability and energy efficiency.


As Certified Gas Technicians, Green Heating and Air can inspect, repair and install residential pool heaters. We carry Hayward Pool Heaters on hand in our warehouses but were not limited to this brand.


If you have questions about making your pool heater more efficient, in need of repairs or looking to replace it, call us.


Universal H-Series

The Universal H-Series gas pool and spa heater is super efficient. It can heat your pool in less time than if you just had a heat pump. It’s effective for heating up a pool or spa even in cold weather. It’s known for its reliability. It uses commercial-grade cupro nickel heat exchanger.

Benefits of a Universal H-Series Gas Pool and Spa Heater:

  • It comes in seven different BTU capacities to accommodate different pool sizes

    • H500 Model - 500,000 BTU/HR

    • H400 Model - 400,000 BTU/HR

    • H350 Model - 350,000 BTU/HR

    • H300 Model - 300,000 BTU/HR

    • H250 Model - 250,000 BTU/HR

    • H200 Model - 200,000 BTU/HR

    • H150 Model - 150,000 BTU/HR

  • Energy efficient while providing high performance

  • Save up to 18% in operations - reducing pump run-time feature

  • Commercial grade cupro nickel heat exchanger

  • Corrosion resistant to salt water and regular chemicals

  • Low NOx emissions - meets clean air quality standards

H-Series Millivolt

The H-Series gas pool and spa heaters are efficient, reliable and durable. It features the commercial grade cupro nickel heat exchanger. The Millivolt series features a rust-resistant water path with polymer heater assembly. This can be especially helpful during high-flow conditions, which minimizes any erosion that can occur from salts, cholorines and other pool chemicals.  


The rapid heat combustion chamber heats your pool faster. So you can get the most enjoyment and use out of your pool.

Benefits of a Universal H-Series Gas Pool and Spa Heater:


  • It comes in three different BTU capacities to accommodate different pool sizes

    • H1501 - 150,000 BTU

    • H2001 - 200,000 BTU

    • H2501 - 250,000 BTU

  • Commercial grade cupro nickel heat exchanger

  • Low profile and lightweight

  • Rust resistant

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